The war in Ukraine is an example in a mathematics lesson.  Scandal in a Serbian school

“There is an ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. At the beginning of the Battle of Chasiv Yar, the Russians were 5 kilometers from the city center. In the first week, they marched 1.2 kilometers. In the second week, after destruction from the Ukrainian air defense, they marched 5/9 More kilometers than in the first week, the Ukrainian soldiers launched a counterattack and regained almost all the territory they lost in the second week to reach the center of Chasiv Yar – said the task assigned to the students.

According to the parents of one of the students, the text of the assignment is completely inappropriate for the place and age. — The problem is that the teacher himself does not see anything wrong with the task. He says the topic is topical and that it inspired him, as one parent told the weekly.

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Management reaction

— The school administration found the assignment unacceptable and promised to appoint a new teacher, but nothing has happened so far. The task is very difficult for this age, and the example used is truly scandalous, as the mother of one of the students admitted.

Aleksandar Markov of the Belgrade Secondary Schools Forum said the difficulty of the task should be consistent with the curriculum, but the bigger problem in this case was the politically charged example. It is unimaginable to assign students such a task. To illustrate the problem, the mathematician could certainly have chosen a better example, such as the marathon runner. The expert pointed out that war is something that children should not deal with unless they actually find themselves in a situation where they have to survive.

— This example also shows an attempt to indoctrinate and create a little Russophile through a sporting mission. Markov noted that the teacher asks “when will Russia take the city,” which puts him on the side of the conflict.

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