The PFR wants to restore the aid worth PLN 2,000.  Companies that used anti-coronavirus shields

Companies that used anti-coronavirus shields must return a total of PLN 500 million to the Polish Development Fund (PFR), Puls Biznesu reports. He adds that this is the result of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) assessment and that the number of entrepreneurs will increase by the fall.

According to the newspaper, two listed companies, Primus and Esotic & Henderson, announced that they had received requests from the Polish Development Fund (PFR) to recover the subsidies they received in connection with the pandemic. Puls Biznesu confirms that they are not the only ones and there will definitely be more of them.

The PFR wants the aid returned

– So far, we have requested refunds from more than a thousand companies. We will also invite other entities, although they should not be more than a few hundred. Entrepreneurs are likely to have this information by the fall – says Bartosz Marczuk, Vice President of PFR, responsible for the implementation of anti-Covid shields, “PB” reports.

According to PB information, 1.3 thousand applications were received. Companies that are scheduled to return PLN 500 million. The political finance watchdog (PFR) will send nearly 700 additional refund requests, the newspaper reported. In total – as we read – it will be about 2 thousand. Of the 355,000 SMEs that used two PFR shields (1.0 and 2.0) in 2020 and 2021, that is less than 0.6 percent.

As Puls Biznesu wrote, dozens of companies have already agreed to the decision and asked to divide the payments into installments (maximum 24).

– The companies that we are asking to return the aid have received negative recommendations from the services and institutions cooperating with the Political Finance Oversight Authority in implementing government programs, led by the General Budget Authority – the Deputy Chairman of the Political Finance Oversight Authority indicates, quoted by “PB.”

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