Vladimir Putin displays new holiday photos.  He left with General Sergei Shoigu

Putin, 69, made sure the world viewed him almost as an athlete. Apart from the photo sessions, the audience gets to see details like the one Putin said “Meditation on state affairs“During two-hour training sessions in the pool.

It is also known that officially Putin spends his free time mainly in Siberia. There, as can be seen in the photos, he devotes himself to walking and fishing. Of course, the photos show that the president of Russia will always catch fish. However, it can be seen that he is probably also thinking about the affairs of Russia and its future there.

This year, he is accompanying Putin on the departure of General Sergei Shoigu, and, as Svyatoslav Kasbeh recently wrote in Onet, it is he who may become the next president of Russia:

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict and the military operation in Syria, the world has seen General Sergei Shoigu as one of the most important high-ranking Russian officials – the face of a new, improved and more successful Russian army. As Defense Minister since 2012, Shoigu uses hostile expressions to bolster this image. In fact, he is a more complex and contradictory character“.


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