Lamborghini Huracan broken - stolen wheels, how much can it cost?

The story of the Lamborghini Huracan, which is on January 15 this year. Participate in a clash on the Mujahideen. Wolska, slowly coming to an end. We are waiting for information from the police about whether this case is over, and how the car is no longer in the Mujahideen’s car park. John Casimir. Everything suggests that the reason for removing the car from the parking lot was to limit further damage to the damaged Lamborghini. As we said, the night of January 19-20 this year. The company badge and wheels were stolen from the car.

This means that the cost of repairing the car, if the car owner decides to do so, will also include the cost of buying tires. And these, like probably everything in the case of Lamborghini, are not cheap. It’s worth noting that the Lamborghini carries 8.5 J x 20 ET 42 wheels front, 245/30 R20 tires, 11 J x 20 ET 40 rear and 305/30 R20 tires. Therefore, when deciding on original rims, you should take into account the cost of about 15,000 PLN. PLN for each item. This is the minimum price.

Of course, you can always opt for used rims. Also in this case it is not cheap, but the cost will be incomparably lower than in the case of new wheels. One of the cheapest offers on Allegro is 2.2 thousand. zloty. Of course, I’m talking about a used rim. The seller argues that the rim has been checked on a machine by vulcanizer and that it is simple, but at the same time reports that it is intended for paint and the current damage to the rim is shown in the photos.

Photo: Allegro

If you want to buy an edge in better optical condition, you have to reach deeper into your pocket. And so 3.4 thousand. PLN, you can import the back edge from the Czech Republic, where you can only see lacquer abrasions inside the edge. The seller offers the inscription “Germany Lamborghini” on the rim, which gives us hope that we are dealing with a used original.

Photo: Allegro

You can also find offers for Lamborghini Huracan wheels on OLX. Here you can buy a used set of rims for 18 thousand. PLN, but we are talking about newly painted wheels (repainted from purple to black), which, according to the information provided by the seller, do not require a calendar and are practically like new.

Photo: OLX

However, it turns out that the cost of buying rims is only a fraction of what Refund must be paid Lamborghini Huracan damaged in Warsaw. As we have already said, you have to pay about 8000 PLN for the bumper itself. PLN, and you need to spend up to 25 thousand on the front bumper. zloty. With all these prices, the least problem is the lack of a Lamborghini badge. This item can be purchased, for example, on eBay, for as little as 70 PLN.


On the other hand, with the price of new parts for the Huracan, buying the original stamp from the brand’s dealer would only be a fraction of what you would have to spend on other components.

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