January 30, 2023


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ING Bank Śląski, Bank Pocztowy, BNP Paribas - service business, difficulties [lista]

Pekao Bank, Santander, ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas, BPS, Credit Agricole, Pocztowy – service business, difficulties during the weekend April 22-24, 2022 [lista]

Pekao Bank, Santander, ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas – among others, service work in these banks is planned in the coming days. Therefore, customers must be prepared to face difficulties in accessing certain services.

Pekao . Bank

04/24/2022 from 0: 30-6: 00 A technical break in the Express Elixir system is planned. During this time, you will not perform an instant transfer via Express Elixir and a BLIK transfer to a phone in the PeoPay app. If you have scheduled transfers during these hours, then make them ahead of time, ”- said the bank.

Santander Polska Bank

In turn, Santander announced that he plans to spend the “Friday and Saturday holidays.” “We are working on improvements. From 22:00 on Friday to 7:00 on Saturday We improve our services. During this time, you will no longer be logged into our online banking and mobile app. Cards and ATMs will work, “- said the bank.

ING Śląski . Bank

“In the Night April 25, 2022, from 0:30 to 1:00 We will carry out service work. During this time, there may be problems with deposits and withdrawals from devices of the ING / Planet Cash network,” we read in a statement from ING Bank Śląski.

BNP Paribas

27/04/2022 from 22:00 to 28/04/2022 to 01:00 The bank informed that the website www.bnpparibas.pl will be unavailable due to scheduled service work, and added that during “unavailability a page will be displayed allowing switching to transaction systems”.

BPS . Bank

The bank announced thatApril 24, 2022 from 00: 30-06: 00 Due to service work being conducted by Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa, immediate Express Elixir payments will not be possible.”

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Credit Agricole

Credit Agricole stated that “At night from Saturday to Sunday (23/24/04), from 00:00 to 9:00 Will not be available: CA24 services (e-bank, mobile, text), IVR automatic phone service, Przelew Online payments, BLIK “.

“During this time, you will also not receive SMS notifications about the transaction made with the card. You can only reserve the card on our hotline. We will add the cash into the cash deposit machine after the break. If you plan to make transfers, make Earlier. Payment cards in stores, service points and when withdrawing from ATMs will work normally. However, only if you have cash, “- said the bank.

Pocztowy Bank

“at Tuesday, April 26, 2022 from 00:00 to 01:30Due to the planned administrative work, there will be interruptions in the operation of payment cards, consisting of: the inability to conduct card transactions (cash and non-cash), including card transactions on the Internet, the inability to connect / remove cards to / from XIAOMI PAY digital wallets / GARMIN PAY / GOOGLE PAY / APPLE PAY and carry out transactions with them ”- informed the bank.

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