June 7, 2023


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How to Download Canal + ADB 4K Ultrabox + Channel List Decoders

How to Download Canal + ADB 4K Ultrabox + Channel List Decoders

Canal + digital platform from December 10 last year. Implements ADB’s Graphyne3 system on 4K UltraBox+ satellite receivers, a world-renowned supplier, incl. Decoders and software from Zielona Góra. The new softgel is introduced gradually. According to “SAT Kurier” magazine, this time it will go to users of the ADB NCP-3670SF (JADA) model. Technicolor USW4001NCP (ITCA) decoders owners will have to wait a few more weeks. – The program will soon be available to other groups of subscribers – Announced Canal +.

What are the changes to the program?

A major advantage of the new program is the ability to withdraw programs up to 8 hours (catch up on TV). – Now, having connected the set-top box to the Internet, it will be possible to access programs, series and movies at any time. All you have to do is select MENU on the remote control to find the best software suggestions for you – the launcher announces.

After updating 4K Ultrabox+ decoders, users will also be able to create a list of favorite channels with their own numbers. In the new program, which is similar to the French TV platform Canal +, the TV service, the invoice with payment information will be moved to the Applications tab. The channel width has also been modified. Her name and number will now be displayed in the middle. Additionally, paid video on demand (VoD) is expected to be easier to use. It will also be easier to change the decoder settings. If the satellite signal is lost (eg during a storm or snowstorm), it will be possible to receive it via the Internet.

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In 2020, the Canal + operator had 2.37 million PLN of direct customers (0.3% more than in the previous year), that is, using the Canal + platform and offering communications, VoD services and packages on the operator platform of the TVN Discovery Group.