Childs.  Heating bills are up 760 percent.  Silent TBS

Did you get an increase in your heating bill? Share your doubts. Write to us at is happening. editorial office, via the platform, received a letter from Mr. Adam (name changed at the request of the sender), a resident of an apartment house in ul. Kościuszko in Czelad in the province. Silesia. The gas-heated building is run by local residents Social Housing Association. So-called TBSs are municipal or private companies that, with state support, build housing for people who have too little income to be able to apply for a loan, but at the same time earn a lot from obtaining council housing.

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At the end of October, Mr. Adam received a letter from the Director regarding heating in the 2021/2022 heating season. The amount on the account is amazing. For the consumption of 31.38 gigajoules of energy to heat an apartment of 39.3 square meters. Mr. Adam will pay 3,351.92 PLN. Meanwhile, in the previous heating season, payments for consumption amounted to 32.28 GJ … 388.56 PLN. This is an increase of more than 760 percent.

Gas bill up 800%

We called Mr. Adam. As he told us, almost all of his neighbors have to contend with several heating increases.

The invoice was issued on October 18. As far as I know, it is for most apartment dwellers. People do not have less than 2,000 in their accounts. zloty. One lady had 800 PLN, but she rarely turned on the heating. I found out One of the apartments received a settlement of 4.2 thousand. zloty – Says our interlocutor.

By Mr Adam’s account, TBS did not inform residents of the potential increases. Tenants also do not know the applicable rates. – We don’t know where we stand or what lies ahead in a year. Who knows if I won’t pay 8000 PLN for warmth – Our interlocutor cauterizes.

It is not difficult to guess that immediately after receiving letters with the settlements, the residents turned to the director and asked for clarification. In response, they received a recommendation to send comments via e-mail. TBS has reserved that it has one month to respond to messages sent by tenants.

Changes in heat suppliers

Meanwhile, it turns out that Czeladzkie TBS recently changed the gas supplier three times. – One of the ladies told us that from October to December there was one company, the company that had always been, but allegedly went bankrupt. There was another resource from January to February but it was very expensive so they were thanked. From March to today is the third, but we don’t even know at what rates – Mr. Adam explains. As he asserts, residents found out about the matter after the fact.

We can’t leave it like that. We will not stop at emails – our interlocutor points out and adds that due to the lack of explanation from the administrator, some tenants decided to consult the case with lawyers.

– Checking bills explains a lot. We’re trying to do this, but unofficially we found out from TBS that the response to our request would be negative – summing up to Adam.

We asked Czeladzkie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego about the reasons for these large increases in heating prices in an apartment house in ul. Kosciuszko. We have received assurances that TBS management will send us a written response. Until the article was published, we did not receive it.

Not only chiladi

Heat in Gołdap is provided by the private company Zakład Budowlany Stanisław Andrysiewicz of Tarnobrzeg, which operates mainly in the Podkarpacie region. In early January, before the start of the war in Ukraine, the head of the company, Stanisław Andrewsewicz, when asked by council members from Gołdap about the price increase, replied that the gas he was buying had increased significantly. According to the entrepreneur, the availability of gas in the market may soon be a bigger problem – We read on the local portal. Why are the prices so high? In response to our questions, Andrysiewicza put it this way:

“The prices and rates included in the heat tariff from ZB Stanisław Andrysiewicz are subject to approval by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). […] In the change in heat tariff approved by the ERO on June 21, 2022, fuel costs represent 96.4 percent. The sum of the planned costs is the basis for calculating the price of heat generation.”

The situation in the gas market

as she added, The average increase in heat generation prices at the tariffs adopted in this period for natural gas-powered sources was about 22% in total.But there are tariffs in which the increase is more than 100%, and the average price of heat generation from natural gas sources in the tariffs approved in this period is 80.55 PLN / gigajoule. There are also those where the price exceeds PLN 300 / GJ.

Note that Some companies offer to agree to change the tariff for heat several times a year. Magdalena Dąbrowska explained that after purchasing another batch of fuel, it is usually more expensive than the invoice or contract presented in the previous procedure.

Maximum gas price

Let’s remember that the government wants to offer the maximum gas price, among other things, to individual customers for 2023

The solutions assume a maximum gaseous fuel price guarantee for the following:

  • families,
  • residential communities,
  • hospitals,
  • NGOs, etc.

The law also aims to specify the method for calculating compensation and advances for it due to energy companies trading in gas fuels with customers who are subject to the maximum gas prices.

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