All the info on Mercedes Moné signing to AEW

Mercedes Moné is officially All Elite following Dynamite's Big Business Special announced on Catch-Newz.

Fightful and Wrestling Observer took stock of the situation following his debut, and we learned that Monae had signed a multi-year deal with AEW. In fact, it is said behind the scenes that Monae signed a contract with AEW two months ago and was paid during that time, the company was simply waiting for the right moment to make her debut.

With this deal between AEW and Moné, NJPW expects to be held to account and take the opportunity to call on Moné to continue the storyline she left off before Moné's injury. It's a possibility, but it would have to be done under AEW's approval, just like any other wrestler, and AEW would be Monae's priority.

Mercedes Moné's next appearance will be on March 20, 2024 at AEW Dynamite, where she will speak. Also, Monae's debut in AEW caused a lot of reactions on social networks. Naomi, Bayley and Tamina decide to accompany him to the event:

The Garcia Twins (Bella Twins) congratulated Monae on her debut:

Photo credit: AEW

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