She bought a sandwich at the airport.  She didn’t eat it on the plane and had to pay 8.5k.  Fine Polish zloty – o2

June Armstrong, 77, was traveling from Christchurch Airport in New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia.. Before traveling to visit her family, the old lady decided to buy a chicken sandwich.

A chicken sandwich costs tourists dearly

But she soon fell asleep on the plane and forgot that she had a sandwich in her bag. After landing in Brisbane, she completed a landing form and stated that she only had prescription medications in her hand luggage.

Border guards then checked her bag and found the sandwich. Australia has very strict rules regarding importing products from other countries.

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Although Ms Armstrong apologized and said she could be fired, she was told she would be fined. In the amount of 3,300 Australian dollars, or 8,670 Polish zlotys.

– I started crying and asked him in disbelief: “$3,300 for a small sandwich?” – she admitted in an interview with “New Zealand Herald”.

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The staff said she could appeal, but her husband later found out they only had to pay the fine.

Mrs Armstrong, now living on a pension, is devastated. -I think about it day and night, and now I take sleeping pills. I am horrified at the size of this fine and how much it will impact our lives – She said.

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The couple stated that apart from retirement, they live on savings of only PLN 30,000. dollar. The couple even considered selling their mobile home to pay the fine.

We have worked hard our whole lives for what we haveAnd we live from week to week – said the old woman bitterly.

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Armstrong’s family has filed an appeal, but there has been no response yet. A spokeswoman for the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry said the chicken sandwich violated the country’s import regulations, and said the fine could have been up to A$6,260.

Meanwhile, everything indicates that despite the cruelty of those responsible, the situation will have a happy ending. An anonymous New Zealand businessman said he would pay the fine.

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