The Prime Minister of Canada throws stones because of epidemics.  "Anti-vaccine gangs" on the campaign trail |  News from the world

Epidemiologists are taking increasingly drastic measures to demonstrate their opposition to vaccines and restrictions. Over the weekend, the Thuringian vaccination point staff came under attack, while on the night of August 1-2, the Sanepid headquarters and mobile vaccination point in Zamość were set on fire. The arsonist has not yet been arrested.

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New video of a fire starter at a vaccination point in Zamos. The Minister of Health appointed an award

to attack, including Total Politics, not medical workers, has also taken place in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently campaigning against it. elections scheduled for September 20. During a meeting with voters in the City of London, Ontario, on-site vaccination opponents blamed the bus returning to the bus. the first show with small stones.

Trudeau told reporters he had injured his shoulder, but compared the incident to a 2016 campaign when pumpkin seeds were thrown at him. Two other people, two media workers, were hit with stones, but nothing happened to them.

As noted by the BBC, the entire election campaign has been disrupted by demonstrations against compulsory vaccination and restrictions on the spread of the virus. A week ago, Trudeau was forced to cancel the rally due to an attack by protesters.

Last month Row He announced that all employees of public institutions, as well as employees of public and private transport (and their passengers) will be vaccinated by the end of October, otherwise they will have to calculate the loss of their jobs. The exception to the rule is medical contraindications. On Monday, the prime minister had said he would not withdraw from the announcement despite the objections of the “anti-vaccine gangs”.

Canada already has a high rate of vaccination against coronavirus worldwide. About 68 percent were fully vaccinated. Canadians. In the neighboring United States, the proportion is 52%. Of the population in Poland – 49%. The average for the whole world is only 28 percent.

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