turkey.  Defense Minister: Three more ships will leave with grain on Friday

Turkish Minister He did not say which Ukrainian ports the ships would leave on Friday. He noted that the three transfers took place thanks to the “intense work” of the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul.

Composed of representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations The Istanbul Center is overseeing an agreement signed on July 22 regarding the abolition of the ban on grain exports from Ukrainian ports. Export was banned due to the Russian invasion that began on February 24. Ukraine and Russia, in separate agreements signed with Turkey and the United Nations, have pledged to ensure safe sea lanes from three Ukrainian ports.

The first grain ship from Ukraine arrived at the port in Turkey

As part of the agreement The first ship left Odessa on Monday. Transfer 26 thousand. Turkish, Ukrainian and Russian inspectors inspected tons of corn under the supervision of the center on Wednesday, then sailed through the Turkish Strait to travel to Lebanon and Tripoli. The center announced that this examination completed the “testing phase” of the process.

Akar announced on Thursday that The first ship to enter the Black Sea is also heading to a Ukrainian portTo transport grain under contract. The ship has already passed the inspection – the minister added.

these The information was also provided on Wednesday evening by the spokesperson for the Odessa Oblast authorities Ukraine, Serhiy Brachuk.

Turkish customs officers stopped the Russian ship carrying Ukrainian grain

Osprey S, a Turkish bulk carrier flying the Liberian flag, descends from the Dardanelles Strait To the Black Sea port (…). This will be the first ship used to export Ukrainian grain that has not been blocked in our ports since February 24,” he said.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest grain exporters. One of the objectives of the agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine is to alleviate the global food crisis And reduced the prices of food commodities, which rose due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the International Maritime Organization, after February 24, about 80 ships were stuck in Ukrainian ports.

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