June 4, 2023


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The man found the drone in the field.  Romania's Public Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation

The man found the drone in the field. Romania’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation

The investigation is underway by the Cluj-Napoca Public Prosecutor’s Office, which announced the start of procedures related to the discovery of a drone in the Bistrita Nasaud region in northern Romania.

“The origin of the drone is still unknown,” the Cluj-Napoca prosecutor’s office said. Her investigation is to find out how the drone ended up in Romanian airspace and who was controlling it. Police said the young man found the drone in a field near his home.

According to information from local media and netizens – unconfirmed by the police and the prosecutor’s office – the drone in the field may be a small model of a Russian-made drone.

The accident occurred a few days after a Tu-141 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, produced in the Soviet Union, crashed in Croatia after crossing the borders of Romania and Hungary. The three countries belong to NATO.

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