Russia-Ukraine war.  Live coverage - December 15, 2022

In its latest report, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) draws attention to signals from the Kremlin to the effect Vladimir Putin postpones his annual speech to Parliament. According to the Institute of Internal Affairs, Putin, amid mounting criticism, is worried about his influence on Russia’s information space.

The speech to both chambers of parliament, the National Assembly, which the Russian president is obliged to deliver, was given by Putin for the last time in April 2021. The next speech may not take place this year, but the Kremlin assures that Putin may deliver it in 2023. Signs of a postponement of the speech are that the Russian leader “He is not confident in his ability to shape the Russian information space, amid growing criticism of the way he is leading the invasion of Ukraine,” ISW estimates.

According to analysts, Putin hoped to declare victory in the war with Ukraine in a speech this year, but these plans were thwarted in April due to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kyiv region. Now, Putin has postponed his “speech” indefinitely, possibly due to “military failures” and general discontent with mobilization at the front.

Experts say: “Putin may not be convinced that by addressing the Russian masses and elites he will be able to justify the costs that Russia pays for its war on domestic and foreign affairs.”

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