There are more than 3 billion players in the world. Thanks to the great Black Weeks promotions and discounts, you can join this group and at the same time save a lot on equipment. The choice of such equipment is very wide and everyone will find something of their own here.

More than half of Poles are fans of electronic entertainment. We have up to 20 million people in the country who love games. Half of them admit to playing on smartphones and tablets. Every third person also plays computer and browser games. Almost every fourth person, more than 4 million people, uses one or more popular consoles to play. Only the latter, unlike smartphones or gaming computers, were designed from the beginning as specialized devices whose primary mission and purpose of existence are exhilarating and exciting games.

For nearly 30 years, the console market has been split between three companies. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony compete with each other not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of the games themselves, created by in-house studios and available exclusively on a particular manufacturer’s consoles. Thanks to this competition, sometimes very fierce, the gaming industry is constantly developing. Many of the old restrictions have long been abandoned, and games are designed to suit any audience. This is one of the reasons why the console makes a great Christmas gift for both kids and adults. Thanks Great offers during black weeks We can buy each of them at an exceptionally attractive price.

Microsoft’s new console comes in two versions – the more expensive one Xbox Series The other is for more economical players, Xbox Series S. Both seem to be attractive options for every gamer. Or for someone who wants to give a gamer the perfect Christmas gift. Especially since the new Xbox brings a real revolution. However, this is not an expected revolution in terms of components or hardware issues. The unique feature of both consoles is that after purchasing them, you no longer have to worry about gaming. Xbox Series I Xbox Series S These are likely the first consoles in history that do not require the purchase of the games themselves. Access to hundreds of games, from great indie titles to enduring classics to the latest and greatest titles, is here via Xbox Game Pass. This subscription costs several times less per month than the price of one new game. Instead of buying three or four new games a year, it’s worth it Xbox Game Pass And you have a choice in a whole sea of ​​possibilities.

What’s the difference between the two versions of the Xbox controller? They both have the same processor, the awesome octa-core AMD Zen 2. They both also have the same modern graphics system, AMD RDNA 2. Xbox Series However, it has a more powerful version of the latter, equipped with more computational units, allowing it to run games at a maximum resolution of 4K. Xbox Series S It in turn supports the same games at a lower 1440p resolution, but still looks perfect. It’s also half the size of an SSD, at 512GB, and is lighter because it doesn’t have an optical drive. Its larger, more powerful and almost twice as expensive brother has a 1TB SSD and a 4K Blu-Ray drive that allows you to install games from physical media and of course play movies from discs in the highest quality.

Handsome in this company PlayStation 5 With futuristic shapes it is also the most traditional. It’s just a great gaming console. It just does what the previous popular PlayStation did and it’s great at it. The Zen 2 processor and high-powered AMD RDNA 2 graphics ensure that almost every game can run in 4K resolution and at up to 60 fps. Gaming is the strongest point of Sony’s console. Competition focuses on innovations and revolutions. The Japanese company focuses on providing great games that cannot be played on any other console. The PS5 is also sold in sets containing exciting accessories and accessories Only one of them, which also includes, in addition to the console itself, fantastic and very comfortable Pulse 3D wireless headphones, and is covered by a pre-Christmas promotion at RTV Euro AGD. The PS5 is an option for uncompromising traditionalists who want to play the best and loudest premieres.

Nintendo consoles and games are quickly winning the hearts of Polish fans. For many years, it has been treated with neglect, even though Nintendo is the most well-known and popular console brand in the world. However, in Poland it had to be inferior to its competitors for a long time. Everything changed when their latest console came out, that is Nintendo Switch. That’s because she’s amazing.

Its biggest advantage is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be connected to a TV, like other consoles, but you can also detach it from the stand and take it with you wherever you want. It has a 6-inch touch screen and in its portable form supports the same games in the same way when connected to a TV. This revolutionary feature has contributed to the incredible popularity of the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the distinctive and unique games from the Zelda and Super Mario series, which are not available on any other platform, also contributed. Do we want to check them out? Do we want to see how Nintendo has transcended the current concept of gaming? Now we can do it by purchasing Nintendo Switch The bundle includes a Switch Sports game and a 90-day subscription to Nintendo Online.

And at the end of our list is the latest revolution, a portable controller that weighs just 600 grams ASUS ROG ALLY, the most technologically advanced device in the entire classification. It is powered by the ultra-modern AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, belonging to the Zen 4 generation, and the powerful AMD RDNA 3 graphics system, which, together with 16 GB DDR5 RAM and 512 GB disk, allows this mini console to be developed. Computing power is no less than that of Microsoft and Sony equipment. But at least he’s cute ASUS ROG ALLY With its 7-inch FHD IPS 120Hz display, it looks like a portable console, but it’s actually a full-fledged PC running Windows 11. You can play all your PC games here, just like on a classic PC or laptop. And if a small screen seems too small, we can connect revolutionary ASUS devices to a classic monitor or even to a TV in the living room. Then all you have to do is pair with it ASUS ROG ALLY Wireless keyboard and mouse to use this amazing device as a full-fledged gaming PC. A computer that can fit into a larger pocket or small bag and take you anywhere you want! And this futuristic gear is now available in a super pre-Christmas promotion! It’s really worth considering if it’s not time to take a bold step forward into the future of gaming with the help of this little ASUS device.

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