Shame on the Russian army.  They’ve done it again – O2

Russian soldiers repeatedly proved during the war that the title “the second army in the world” is not very accurate. Examples? You can reproduce. A few months ago, the media reported the deaths of conscripts at a Russian training ground.

A bloody shooting took place at the unit’s headquarters in the town of Soloty in the Belgorod region, next to the border with Ukraine.. The men were shot dead before heading to the front.

Because of Putin’s announcement of mobilization, more Russians fled Russia than joined the units. Some of them who did not hide were recruited into the army and complained a lot about their living conditions before they were sent to the front. Their position is set to change by the additional concessions that Vladimir Putin and his government intend to offer the “mob.”

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The Russian army has repeatedly made simple mistakes. Now, as journalist Viktor Kovalenko reports, Russian air defenses have shot down their Mi-8 helicopter, killing all three crew members on board.

Shame on the Russian army. Error after error

Let us remember that earlier, the Russian Air Defense Forces shot down one of its Su-35S multirole fighter aircraft. This is one of the most advanced machines in the Moscow arsenal.

According to British intelligence, the accident occurred on September 28 over TokmakIt is a city located about 20 km behind the front line. The loss of the Su-35S is particularly painful for Russia due to its technologically advanced capabilities.

Now a Mi-8 helicopter was accidentally shot down This is also another loss of the image of the invaders.

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