Age difference in a relationship.  Scientists have researched what is best

Conducted by Christian Ruder, co-founder of dating site OKCupid Research the age difference in a relationship. They showed that women mostly choose partners who are the same age or only a few years older. On the other hand, men prefer younger women, most often in their twenties, regardless of their age.

Other research into the age difference has been done at Emory University in Atlanta. The effect of the age difference between partners on the risk of separation was examined. The analyzed responses of 3,000 people show this The greater the age difference, the greater the risk of separation.

If there is an age difference of five years, the risk of separation increases by 18%. Compared to couples of the same age, with a difference of 10 years it was already 39%. More, and in 20 years – up to 95%.

So it was decided The best age difference between partners is one year -So the risk of separation is only 3%. Couples with no more than a three-year age difference were also given the chance to have a successful relationship.

Also when it comes Relationship satisfactionIt depends on the age difference between the partners. A study published in the Journal of Population Economics showed that couples with an age difference of up to three years were more satisfied with their relationship than those with a larger age difference.

On the other hand, the age difference between partners can have its positive aspects. It often translates into differences also in… Life experiences and perspectives. The older partner may bring a wealth of experience to the relationship, both personally and professionally. In return, a younger partner can bring a new perspective on the world, new directions, and energy. The key is to be open to sharing these different perspectives and be able to understand each other.

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