The European Parliament is working on a minimum wage in the European Union

EP confirms it Corona virus crisis He stressed the need to introduce a fair minimum wage in the European Union. Many workers on the front lines of fighting the pandemic, such as caregivers, health workers and cleaners, earn minimum wages and about 60 percent. Among those receiving the minimum wage in the European Union are women.

The MEPs welcomed the proposal for an appropriate remuneration across the EU and adopted the negotiating position of the European Parliament in plenary on 25 November this year. Once the EU Council agrees to its position, negotiations can begin between the two institutions on the final form of this law.

Minimum wage is the lowest wage that employers have to pay their employees for their work. Although there are certain types of minimum wages in all EU countries, this wage often does not cover all living costs. Seven out of ten minimum wage workers in the European Union found it difficult to make ends meet in 2018.

From 300 to more than 2000 Euro

The European Union’s minimum monthly wage in 2021 varied widely, ranging from €332 in Bulgaria to €2202 in Luxembourg. One of the main influencing factors is the difference in the cost of living in the European Union.

There are two types of shapes in the European Union lowest wages. The first is the legal minimum wage regulated by law. Most member states have such regulations.

The second form is the minimum wage stipulated in collective agreements. In six EU countries, wages are set on the basis of collective agreements between trade unions and employers, including in some cases minimum wages. They are: Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden.

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