An American plane crashes in the Mediterranean Sea.  Five soldiers were killed

The US Department of Defense announced that five American soldiers were killed in a plane crash in the Mediterranean Sea. The causes of the accident are being investigated. He added that the incident occurred during training and was not related to the Israeli fighting in the Gaza Strip or on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The incident in which five American soldiers were killed occurred on Friday evening During aircraft refueling training In the eastern part of the Mediterranean – the US Department of Defense announced, Sunday.

The US European Command in Stuttgart did not specify the type of plane that crashed.

He added: “Out of respect for the families of the injured, we will not announce the details at the present time.” More information about the employees who died in the accident” – the Pentagon said in a statement. He added that the causes of the accident are being investigated.

European Command added that the accident occurred during training It had no connection to the Israeli fighting in the Gaza Strip or on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

“We can say that with certainty The plane flight was for training purposes only The statement added that there was no indication of hostile action.

European Command reported this More information will be provided “as the situation develops.”.

American ships in the Mediterranean

A US Navy battle group is currently stationed in the eastern Mediterranean. The United States decided to transfer it to this region on October 8. The decision to send the ship to the eastern Mediterranean was linked to the Hamas attack on Israel, which took place the previous day.

look: The war in Israel. Wojciech Szyuko: The risk of a prolonged conflict in the Middle East is increasing

Ha The main component is the aircraft carrier USS Gerald FordIt has already carried out maneuvers in this water area. The nuclear-powered ship has 100,000 tons of displacement and is powered by a nuclear engine. It is one of the newest units of this type. It can accommodate more than 75 aircraft on board, including the F-18 and E-2 Hawkeye.


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