June 5, 2023


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Serbia. A tanker truck with ammonia derailed. Dozens of people show symptoms of poisoning | world News

The accident occurred in Sunday Around 17:30 between Pirot and Stanichenje, in the southeast Serbia. For unexplained reasons, at least 20 carriages fell off the tracks, one of which fell into the Niszawa River – and this caused a backlash ammonia With Water.

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Serbia. More than 50 people have symptoms of ammonia poisoning. A state of emergency has been declared in Pirot

Seven people were taken to the university hospital. Their condition is stable, but they are disturbed beloved Mild respiratory and chemical burns. The authorities are urging residents not to go outside homes and flats.

“I have declared a state of emergency in the entire city of Pirot because of the train accident,” Vladan Vasic, Mayor of Pirot, told Tanjug. He added that due to the exceptional situation, School It will remain closed on Mondays.

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51 people with symptoms of ammonia poisoning have already reported it to doctors. Their condition does not qualify them for hospital treatment yet.

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Serbia. Traffic stopped following the tanker accident

27 firefighters and 10 vehicles are working at the scene. Traffic was stopped on the nearby highway. The train operator reported that the train consisted of 20 tanks daily transporting raw materials to Prahov, Bulgaria.

The Joint Railway Commission for the Investigation of Unusual Accidents in Serbia’s Railway Infrastructure and “Srbija Karga”, Serbia’s state-owned railway and freight company, will determine the cause of the accident.