Media: Ukrainian forces reported problems with the Starlink system during the attack

Interruption of access to services provided by the company’s satellite communications systems SpaceX Designed by Elon MuskUkrainian soldiers and officials indicated that they were preventing the attack on the Russian occupation forces.

The Financial Times reminds us that thousands Starlink stations It was purchased by the US government and funded by donors. Starlinki helps Ukrainian soldiers operate drones, receive critical intelligence, and communicate with each other in areas where there are no other secure networks. Systems that connect a small antenna to a 35 cm station provide network access to Ukrainian civilians.

It was asserted that some failures led to “catastrophic” interruptions in communication. And it happened especially after the penetration of Russian defense lines, especially in southern Ukraine. However, problems also occurred in the east in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Financial Times explained.

Musk and Zelensky clash

Roman Sensen, coordinator of the Serhiy Pretula charity that raises money for Starlinki for the Ukrainian army, said problems could arise because the Russians were so close. SpaceX does not want the systems to be used by Russian soldiers.

He said it was quite clear to me that Starlink representatives were doing this to prevent their technology from being used by the Russian occupying forces.

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