elections in France.  Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen.  Polls

Let us remind you that the second round of the presidential elections in France will take place on Sunday, April 24th. She will be the head of state for the next five years Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen.

In the Ipsos study, Macron leads 57 to 43 percentIn the opinion poll, the results were identical. Ifop and Harris Studios presents 55 percent Macron and 45 percent Le Pen. In return, according to Elabe, Macron can count on him 55.5% and Le Pen 44.5 percent voices.

The probability of Macron winning is high, but it cannot be said that we already know everything. Much will depend on the turnout of voters who withdrew in the first round, especially the far-left candidate. Jean-Luc Melenchon, which got an exciting result, scoring 22 percent. votes and almost outperformed Marine Le Pen – Dr. Łukasz Maślanka From the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

Below is the full text of our discussion with Dr. Malanca on the presidential elections in France:

Remember that Macron and Le Pen faced the previous presidential election in France in 2017. Then Macron won with 64%. voices.

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