Donald Trump: Are you behind on your bills?  I will encourage Russia to do what it wants

Former US President Donald Trump said that if a conflict broke out between Russia and a non-paying NATO ally, it would not help him as leader of the United States. – I would like to encourage (Russia – editor) to do what it wants – specifically. The Republican politician stressed that “the bills must be paid”, although he himself had problems with this matter in his career. The White House responded to Trump's words.

previous president Donald Trump He spoke during a Saturday meeting with voters in Conway, South Carolina. The Republican Party's candidate for this year's presidential elections, Comment on NATO – The Washington Post reported.

The alliance was in chaosUntil I come – he said, declaring that after a possible victory in the presidential elections this year, he would be a tough negotiator in communications with NATO allies.

Will the United States protect a NATO country after Russian aggression? Trump declares

The former president also referred to a story in which a president of a “big country” allegedly asked him if his country “wouldn’t push and be attacked by Russia,” and if the United States would protect them.

– I asked: “You haven't paid. Are you in arrears?” The man replied: “Yes.” “No, I won’t protect you,” Trump said. – In fact, I would encourage Russia to do what it wants “You have to pay the bills,” he continued, stressing.

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The public responded to the words of the politician and businessman She responded by agreeing and cheering loudly. As the Washington Post noted. It is not known whether the described conversation took place or not.

Trump himself has had problems with payment in the past while doing business. His lawyers also had to clarify the tax ambiguity in court several times.

Trump about “encouraging Russia.” White House statement

The statement of Joe Biden's potential rival has been widely commented on the Internet, often critically, although there have been expressions of support as well. The White House also reacted. “Encouraging the invasion of our closest allies by murderous regimes It's terrifying and unsustainable” – said Andrew Bates, spokesman for the current president's administration.

He added in a statement that Trump's words “threaten American national security, global stability, and our economy.” Trump has often suggested this Russian President Vladimir Putin will not invade UkraineIf he remained in office.

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Five years ago, the New York Times reported that Trump Considering withdrawal from NATO. Then the president himself repeatedly tried to attribute it We take credit for forcing NATO countries to pay moreAlleging that “hundreds of billions” of dollars had flowed into NATO as a result of its complaints about other countries' failure to make payments.

Donald Trump is a favorite of Republicans. His rival is Nikki Haley

Saturday's speech was Trump's first In South Carolina this year. On February 24, in this state he will face in the primary elections against Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. The former US president is currently leading in opinion polls with a support rate of 58 percent, while Haley has 32 percent.

Donald Trump won the Republican primary in Nevada on Thursday. He ran there as the only major candidate of that party nIke Haley She resigned from participating in the skirmishes.

Trump won It gives him the support of all 26 delegates from that state. He needs a total of 1,215 delegate votes to officially win his party's nomination for US President.

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