The court made its decision in the Donald Trump case.  The request to drop the charges was denied

The New York judge presiding over the case Donald Trump Rejection of the application Dropping 34 charges against the former US president.

– Report it On March 25, we will begin jury selection – said Judge Juan Merchan. The trial is expected to last about six weeks.

This was stated by the politician's lawyer Todd Blanche Continuing trial 'a great injustice' And “attempting to interfere in the elections” that will be held on November 5th. Trump's lawyers asked for the trial to be postponed until 2026.

The former US President stated that the measures should have been taken three years ago. Added that now The real goal is to harm him in the presidential elections.

United States of America. The court decided in the Trump case. The request to drop the charges was denied

The criminal case in which Trump was formally charged in April 2023 Relates to the alleged crime of forging commercial documents – checks to obtain fictitious legal services.

According to investigators, the checks that Trump wrote to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen were actually refunds of a payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. She was supposed to receive 130 thousand Polish zlotys. $ (524,000 PLN) for silence Regarding her alleged relationship with Trump. She was paid – according to investigators – during Trump's 2016 election campaign.

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After Trump was charged, the Attorney General's Office explained that it was merely forging commercial documents It is not usually treated as a crime, but rather as a misdemeanor. However, according to the prosecution, it constitutes a crime if the purpose is to conceal another crime.

In this case, it would be a violation of New York election laws. Prosecutors say the money was for Daniels This was part of a broader agreement between Trump and the publisher of the popular newspaper, the National Enquirer.which includes silencing negative stories about Trump during the election campaign.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was convicted in 2018, also in a case involving funds for Daniels, as well as for tax fraud.

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