Scandal on Twitch.  Untouchable sports list leaked

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Twitch It is the largest broadcasting platform in the world. But October was not successful for her – new confidential information was leaked after the hacker attack appeared on the Internet. This time, the “Untouchables” list was selected.

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A list of streamers who can avoid ban in case of violation of the rules on the Internet appeared. The list comes from 2015 – which is why the most famous authors are not included in it. However, you can find interesting nicknames that were protected against account ban.

The list was supposed to protect accounts like Tyler1. According to The Washington Post, it works in conjunction with the Better Desk tool. It was used to determine if a notification really deserved a ban. In practice, this has meant that some Twitch-branded creators can bend the rules more than other streamers. When small or medium creators have been banned for a minor offense, larger people can avoid it if they are listed.

Excerpt from a Twitch leak regarding the “No Ban” list. Foot. reddit

The “Do Not Ban” list was intended to prevent some from being automatically banned, and then the issue passed to other Twitch moderators, who personally decided whether or not the creator deserved to be punished.

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Regulations are not equivalent to regulations

Please note that the case is from 2015, when Twitch was a different portal than it is now. In those days, nothing other than games were allowed to be broadcasted. Most likely, the regulations were designed on the “no-ban” list. Currently, the rules are different – many live streams from live broadcasts in real life or from a controversial swim in the pool.

At the moment, in theory, the regulations allow for more, and at the same time lower prices. Popular broadcasting channels are often banned due to a political error, and even because viewers display racist or discriminatory behavior against minorities. Sometimes there are occasional exceptions due to the system’s “overzealousness”, which detects a rule violation, and then the creator has to contact Twitch directly in order to fix the problem.

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