Polish football personality.  His partner is younger than 48 - O2

At 74 years old, Forbes estimates his fortune at 749 million PLN, which makes him 88th place in the list of “100 Richest Poles”.. In the years 2006-2012 he was the owner and president of the Polonia Warszawa club, one of the most recognizable clubs in the country. His activities aroused controversy, but one thing is certain – there was no boredom with him. He had a gesture. No money was spared on players, coaches or agents. It was at 6 Konwiktorska Street who at one point had the best in the league.

Wojciechowski even wanted to become president of the Polish Football Association, but he remained only in the field of dreams. First, he lost to Zbigniew Bońek, and now the union leads Cezary Kulesza.

He has a younger partner about half a century

If she had chosen the election, Wojciechowski would have been the first lady of Polish football today Patricia Tuchlinska. This model is 48 years younger than Wojciechowski! At the beginning of July, the news spread that Tuchlinska was pregnant. Nothing revitalizes a man like a child, so it comes as no surprise that Wojciechowski is so lively and has made brilliant plans to dominate Polish football. In the end, these plans failed!

Wojciechowski and Tuchlińska are raising their son together. The woman with the baby often appears on social media. I’ve done it again now, and luxury is in the background. You can see a Rolls-Royce that, frankly, few people can afford. Wojciechowski is definitely in this group.


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