Battlefield 2042 is a 'big disappointment'?  EA is said to be considering switching to the F2P model

DICE has just revealed plans to develop Battlefield 2042. However, we don’t have good information for players who were hoping the developers would soon invite fans to film in the first season of the tournament.

Battlefield 2042 appeared with issues that caused DICE to delay the official start of season one. The competition did not start in December and will not take place at the beginning of the year and we will only see the expected competition in the summer. However, DICE confirms that it wants to take the latest shooter to the horizons of the series:

“You’ve patiently waited to hear from us what we were doing to solve the issues you told us about Battlefield 2042 and in what direction we would move in the coming months. Today we announce that our team is committed to bringing the game to the highest standards we all set in the series.”

“We had to make some serious decisions to make sure the next set of updates can focus on making these improvements, the most important of which is moving the release date of our first season to early summer. This decision gives us time to focus on improving Battlefield 2042 while completing our seasonal content to make sure it’s It meets our quality standards.

It is difficult not to feel that this is a compromise for the studio, which will now be faced with a very difficult task – players are still escaping from the servers of Battlefield 2042. However, the developers want to continue developing the project until then and have presented a plan for the coming months.

The studio has listed the features that will be added to the game “as soon as possible”:

  • SCOREBOARD – The updated scoreboard will be added to the item in the next update. The developers have developed this element since the holidays and listened to fan feedback, so players will see two separate tables (each for one team)
  • Voice communication on all platforms – The authors will provide VoIP, but this appears to be just the beginning of positive changes to improve communication in teams.
  • Player Profile – The developers will give “a better overview of your career on the battlefield and see how far you need to go to unlock more items.” The creators also developed clearer team information, improved ping mechanics and an improved reward system.

DICE wants to continue developing the Battlefield Portal, which “remains an integral part of the game”, so that players can count on new tools, modes, and an improved experience system.

The studio also announced an improvement in communication with the community, thanks to which fans will have an impact on the development of the game, and the authors should constantly inform them about work on new items for production.

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