Xbox Game Pass is getting 3 more games at launch.  New products coming in the coming months

Yesterday's Nintendo presentation brought more than just new news about items coming to Switch. The Xbox community can wait for news.

Microsoft boasts a really extensive library of games on Game Pass. Although selected titles are systematically disappearing from the service, the American company is adding projects developed by its own studios, buying high-profile and slightly smaller titles, and establishing commercial contacts with independent teams.

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The Last Indie World has been full of announcements and material from minigames that will be debuting on Nintendo Switch. However, subsequent teams boast good news about adding the giant from Redmond to their offer.

Three productions will debut on Xbox Game Pass in the coming months Yesterday we already reported on Rolling Hills, which will hit the market in June, but SteamWorld Heist 2 and Little Kitty, Big City are also worth mentioning. The second proposal – an adventure game about a curious kitten – is coming to Game Pass on May 9. Double Dagger Studio will provide a title, while we help the main character find his way home, we will explore all the nooks and crannies of a big city.

Exciting news!

We're excited to announce that Little Kitty, Big City is coming to Steam, Xbox X|S, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch on May 9! On this occasion, we have prepared a charming trailer, so please watch it!

Meanwhile, SteamWorld Heist 2, the latest turn-based strategy game from German Image and Form, will join the Xbox Game Pass catalog on August 8. This time, players can count on pirate-themed gameplay, from conflicts in atmospheric interiors to fierce clashes on the high seas – all as a member of Captain Leeway's crew.

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