Forza Horizon 5 is the "next generation show".  The Digital Foundry really likes Microsoft

Reviewers should soon travel to Mexico, where they’ll be able to hop in fast cars and see Microsoft’s latest offering. The Digital Foundry team checked part of the game, Which our editorial office has already given their impressionsPositive reviews were not spared.

According to Richard Ledbetter, Forza Horizon 5 is best played in quality mode – despite the liquidity limit, players will experience the most beautiful installment in the series:

With the code at our disposal, [gra] Playing on Xbox Series X in quality mode is clearly the best experience we’ve tried. The frame rate is set to 30fps (more on that soon), allowing for the densest, richest, and most comprehensive Forza Horizon we’ve seen to date.”

The journalist emphasized that checking races at 30 fps feels surprisingly good, and the situation “looks much better than the suggested 30 frames”. Commenting on the quality of the game in the performance mode, the authors report that the stunning Mexican landscapes have not lost their power, because the details in the distance look like those of the playback quality mode.

“Performance mode still manages to capture much of the game’s richness and variety, but a realistic post-processing layer has been removed, along with some effects and, most importantly, some details. Less important elements of the environment, such as rocks and plants, are absent, and quality Shading in specific areas appears diminished, and motion blur is much less restrictive.”

Digital Foundry hasn’t been able to verify the title on previous generation consoles, but there are many indications that Playground Games has done its homework and will provide the best experience on the next gen.

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