Złotą Żabę dla polskich twórców otrzymał autor zdjęć do filmu „Hiacynt” (fot. M.prasowe)

Robbie Ryan was awarded a Golden Frog in the main competition of the EnergaCamerimage Festival for his cinematography in “C’mon, C’mon” by Mike Mills. The Polish film competition “Hyacinth” with cinematography by Piotr Sobociński Jr. It was directed by Piotr Domalewski.

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Winners golden frog They also received the Audience Award in the main competition.

silver frog In the main competition of the festival, he was awarded the picture “The Tragedy of Macbeth” with cinematography by Bruno Delponnell, directed by Joel Coen. brown frog He was awarded the “Dune” award. The cinematographer for this film is Greg Fraser, and the director is Denis Villeneuve.

Nabil Ben Yader won the International Critics’ Jury Award for Best Director from the main competition with a special focus on cinematography for “Animals”. The author of the images for this work is Frank van den Eden

Laszlo Kovacs Student Award

golden tadpole inside Laszlo Kovacs Student Award He received the film “Howl with Cinematography” by Max Bogacak, directed by Bartosz Brzezinski from the Warsaw Film School. Silver and bronze tadpoles will go to Germany. The winners of both awards are students of the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Cinematographer Philip Haines and director Mourad Abou Eisheh won the Silver Medal for “Tala’vision”. The Bronze Tadpole was awarded to Christopher Berman (cinematography) and Luca Homolka for “Cold Blow Lane”.

Golden Frogs for Documentaries

In the Documentary Competition, Golden Frog for “My Voice Will Be With You” went to Tristan Galand (Cinematography) and Bruno Tracq (Director), and in the Documentary Short Film Competition, Jacob Friedrich Maria Cole (Cinematography) and Lara Melina Bruce and Killian Armando Friedrich (Director), “Survive”


Other Awards at EnergaCamerimage Festival 2021

Winner of the 1st Directing Competition under the auspices of the Polish Society of Filmmakers Julia Docorno (Director) for “Titane” with cinematography by Robin Impens, winner of the Debut Cinematography by Yuming Ke for “Bipolar” directed by Queenie Lee.

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The Best Music Video award went to cinematographer Kacper Fertacz and director Zuzanna Plisz for the music video “Zdechłam” by Kuba Kawalc and Ana Andrzejewska.

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