The most disgusting sex scene in Polish cinema.  It’s hard to believe they agreed to this

Try to remember the most disgusting and for sure The worst sex scene in Polish cinema. Which close-up of 365 days comes to mind first? no? Or maybe obscene clips from the movie “Girls from Dubai”? not like that? Obviously, after all, there can only be one winner in this notorious category.

A sex scene infuriated viewers

It was supposed to be sexy and exciting. It was supposed to be fun and tough. And it came out simply disgusting and scandalous, or as the youth say – cringowo. The title of the most disgusting sex scene in the history of Polish cinema, of course, went to one of Patrick Vega’s series. Of course, we are talking about the very romantic intercourse of Anka and KusaIn it Katarzyna Warnek and Sobota played a role in “Mafia Women”. terrible thing.


Which Polish movie do you think has the worst sex scenes?

How are the bed scenes filmed? 365 days and more | #7 continues

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