Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine?  Pine tells us how it was
Although it is the so-called “Spitget”, ie memorable – and so far unsolved! – The “DID HARRY STYLES SPIT CHRIS PINE” case has passed for half a year, and during this time there have been many other interesting scandals, and the world has not forgotten about it. After Payne’s final interview, the truth finally came out (was it?). So, how was it? Spit or not?

Chris Pine dispels doubts about whether Harry Styles spits on him

Let’s remember the facts – during last year’s Venice Film Festival, where Olivia Wilde’s new film “Don’t Worry, Darling” was shown, an unusual situation occurred between its stars, which engulfed the world audience for weeks. Which is definitely more than the movie itself (you can read its review here). Well, sitting in the room next to Chris Pine, Harry Styles – who plays the lead in “Don’t Worry, Baby” – (may/probably) spat on his colleague, who reacted first with a slight panic, and then a smile. At least that’s what it looks like from an outside perspective. The video showing this scene was prepared in every possible way by the most brilliant minds and so far there has been only one verdict – spit.

Chris Pine and Harry Styles immediately after the “Don’t Worry Baby” show

However, Chris Pine once again denied it and clarified a little bit what the situation really looks like.

I was sitting on the plane with my publicist and laughed because I looked like Rachel from “Friends” (because of the haircut – footnote), we were back from Venice at the time. And slept to have a good time, I love to fly airplanes He said. And she wakes me up and says we need to get the word out about what happened in Venice. And I said: But with what? Well, Harry spit on you. And I had no idea what it was all about. She showed me. In fact, it looks like Harry spat on me. But he did not spit.

In the face of this powerful, almost coaxing material, Payne’s words may not seem convincing enough. But the rest of his statement sheds new light on the scene.

Well, Payne revealed that Styles is leaning towards him to crack a joke. He said: They are just words, right? Presumably, it’s part of a common joke. Because both of them, tired of the change of time and the long journey, participated in conferences, gave interviews, and did not necessarily say clever things.

We all tried to answer questions, but sometimes when you’re doing all this stuff at conferences, your mind gets so confused, you babble and joke, “It’s just words, man.

What are you saying? Is there a joke in the famous video?

Chris Pine – How do we know him?

In addition to “Don’t Worry, Honey,” Pine has many interesting and successful roles under his belt. We were able to see him in the series “Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory”, the series “Star Trek”, both parts of “Wonder Woman” and David Mackenzie’s animated drama “To Hell”.

In a moment (April 14) we will see him in the adaptation of the legendary game – the movie “Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor”.

“Don’t Worry Baby” Trailer

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