Katarzina Warnick salutes from the set while wearing her underwear.  The fans were amazed.  "shooting"

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Katarzina Warnick She is active in social media, posting photos not only from film sets, but also from many private photos. The actress also willingly shares her brave frames with netizens. And now she’s also proud of a picture of herself underwear.

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Katarzina Warnick: My daughter grew up in a strange family

Katarzina Warnick announces new movie Wearing Lingerie

Katarzina Warnick posted a black and white selfie she took before on Instagram Mirror. Attention is drawn to the fact that the actress presents herself in underwearComplemented by perforated Socks. It seems that Patrick Vega did not choose the picture by chance. After all, the photo was taken at the new production location in which he is involved.

On the set of the movie, the omen name is “All this sex!” – I wrote under the picture.

A production premiere, announced by Warnke, is not planned for 2023. It’s a romantic comedy that, according to Filmweb, “about six normal couples and their wicked fantasies.” Director the film It’s Thomas Mendes. It is already known that next to Warnke, Magdalena Lamparska, Piotr Witkowski and Michał Czernecki will appear in the production.

Fans comment on Katarzina Warnick’s picture

Fans of the actress, more than advertising the comedy, were interested in the image itself. Many compliments came.


Very feminine as always! I love and appreciate.

You rock my love! brain attack! – They wrote.

How do you like the shot?


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