“quack”.  Where was the Polish cult film filmed?  The places where the event takes place can be visited

“Fast” is a film that has already accompanied several generations of Poles. Jerzy Hoffmann decided to direct the novel by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz – and entrusted the main role of Professor Rafał Wilczur to an excellent actor – Jerzy Bińczycki. A melodramatic story about a heart surgeon who loses his memory as a result of a beating. He finds himself in a typical Polish village, where he first works as a laborer in a mill. After treating Wasilek, the son of his employer, he becomes a local healer. In the background, there is still an affair between a poor shop assistant and a large number.

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“quack”. Where was the cult Polish production filmed?

If by some miracle you haven’t seen “Quack” yet – it’s time to catch up, we won’t spoil it. However, many people wonder where “The Quack” was filmed and whether it is possible to visit places known from the movie. It turns out that yes, though the production was recorded at several locations. A trip in the footsteps of “The Quack” could be a fun weekend getaway. “Znachor” was shot in several locations, including Bielsk Podlaski, the palace in Radziejowice, Skolimów, Piekary and Łódź.

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The mansion in Mazowieckie Radziejowice is the setting that was used to film “The Quack”. This is where Count Cezinsky and his parents were supposed to live. In 2016 and 2017, the mansion was the residence of the participants of the TVN show “Projekt Lady”. It is noteworthy that the village of Gerzal is located near the palace, where the scenes of the series are located.farmToday, the palace in Radziejowice is open to the public, you can take excursions here, visit the museum rooms and the exhibition of temporary exhibitions. There is a garden on the premises.

“Quack” – where was it launched? Journey in the footsteps of the cult film about Podlasie and the district of Lodz

Bielsk Podlaski is a place where scenes with Anna Demna, who works in a local shop, were filmed. You can visit not only the store building, but also the Bielsko Town Hall, which is one of the main tourist attractions cities.

The small bridge where the Wilczurówna accident and census occurred is located in the village of Miękisze, located only 15 km from kilometers From Bielsk Podlaski. Near this place a spring breaks out and the Łoknica River flows. Although the bridge in “Znachorze” was wooden, today it has been rebuilt, but the area still impresses.

The scenes for “The Quack” were also filmed in the city of Łódź, specifically in the District Court building. The building is located near the Grand Theatre – a short walk from the Fabryczna railway station, which is an ideal starting point. In the Łódź Voivodeship you can also visit Piekary near Piątek, which has also been used as a movie location.

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