Fantastic Four – Who is the villain?  He's definitely not Doctor Doom

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The Fantastic Four took over popular culture this week with the official announcement of the show's cast. Marvel Studios has somehow got everyone talking about the MCU again. Thanks to this, a new rumor about the production involving the villain appeared on the Internet.

Fantastic Four – Who is the villain?

This time the information comes from insider Jeff Snyder. It confirms previous rumors about this The main villain is supposed to be the mighty Galactus, called the Devourer of Worlds, not Doctor Doom as fans wanted. Doom has been the focus of the previous three films about this family, so the change seems natural. Galactus himself is probably not suitable for a single production, as he is too powerful a creature for a small group to defeat. Schneider also confirms that he is still the prime candidate for the role Javier Bardem. He was not involved in the project for some time because he had other commitments, but his film about Formula 1 on Apple TV + was significantly delayed due to strikes of screenwriters and actors, so the situation has changed.

Galactus after transformation – 178,500 kmSource: Marvel

Snyder also adds that previous rumors that Anya Taylor-Joy would play the Silver Surfer, who was male in the comics, were not true. According to his reports, he will be the Silver Surfer just like in the comics, and Marvel Studios has just started interviewing actors who want to play the role. He did not say anything about Joey's involvement.

It is also mentioned that Doctor Doom himself will appear in the finale and that he probably won't star in it yet, so it will be a short cameo. If you cast someone, the dialogue will be added in post-production.

Fantastic Four – Premieres July 25, 2025 in theaters.

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