June 7, 2023


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Maryla Rodowicz: Shocking news before 'Maryla. I loved so much'

Maryla Rodowicz: Shocking news before ‘Maryla. I loved so much’

Marella Rudovic She is undoubtedly an icon of the Polish music scene. The star has been performing on stage for several decades and there is no indication that she will say goodbye to the audience quickly.

Many of her younger female colleagues in the industry could envy her for her activism. The 76-year-old is also known for her love of quirky and daring creations that she has featured in.

Suffice it to mention at least one of her New Year’s Eve costumes, which consisted, among other things, of artificial breasts. Besides, the star herself decided not so long ago to reveal her natural breasts at the Polsat “Save from Oblivion” party.

TVP also decided to save Marelka from oblivionWho prepared a document about this great star for this year’s holidays.

The movie “Maryla. I liked it that way” has been getting a lot of attention for several weeks, because the following parts of this movie are constantly leaking, from which we learn a lot of amazing things, including. fact that I quarreled with Olbrychski’s wifeWith whom she had an affair.

It turns out that Marella is afraid to release the document. In an interview with Fakt, she admitted that she was more nervous than her family’s reactions.

“I am very nervous. I am so nervous that I will try to take care of my family, so that they do not turn on the TV during Christmas” – she admitted.

She also added that she would try to prevent children from turning on TVP that evening.

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“I definitely wouldn’t be bold enough, so I wouldn’t turn it on. Fortunately, my kids don’t watch TV at all, so they won’t insist on it either,” she added.

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