June 3, 2023


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How many viewers visited the Limanów cinema?

Lemanua. Nearly 48,000 viewers had the opportunity to watch more than 160 films during more than 2.7 thousand films. Shows – Cinema “Klaps” in Limanowa, operating at LDK, summed up last year.

In previous years, the Klaps Cinema, due to the modernization of the Limanowski House of Culture headquarters at ul. Chicha moved to the house building of TSO Łososina Górna at ul. Łososińska in Limanowa. The cinema operated at this location from October 2017 to March 2020, when it was closed due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

This stage in the history of Cinema Clubs ended with a score of 41.5 thousand. viewers. It is worth noting that the cinema hall in the ul. Łososińska offered only 85 seats, about a quarter of the previous audience.

First screening in the renovated LDK hall on ul. Czech Republic took place in February 2021. It was the time to “start” the cinema and remind viewers of its activities.

What is the summary of Limanoa Cinema activities in 2022? Viewers can watch a total of 163 films during more than 2.7 thousand events. Offers. Over the past year, the cinema at the Limanowski House of Culture was visited by nearly 48,000 people. viewers.

The record holder, which overtook other items, turned out to be the production “Minionki: The Entrance of Gru”, which was seen by more than 5.7 thousand people in Limanowa. viewers. Among the most watched films of 2022: the animated film “Sing 2” (2.1 thousand), the biographical film “Johnny” (1.6 thousand), the movie “Avatar: The Essence of Water” (1.6 thousand), and the Polish romantic comedy “ Listy do. m 5 “(1.4 thousand).

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