John Cena will participate in the killer lottery organized by the director of “Bridesmaids”
John Cena (“Peacemaker”), Simu Liu and Awkwafina, known from Marvel’s Shang-Chi, will play the main roles in the exciting comedy “Grand Death Lotto”.

“Grand Death Lotto”: what will the movie be about?

Rob Wescombe’s screenplay (“In the War Zone”) is set in the near future in economically distressed California. It was there that a big lottery was created. Its rules are simple: if you can kill the winning ticket holder by sunset, the prize is yours. Katie, played by Awkwafina, accidentally finds a (unlucky) ticket. As a result, he must team up with amateur bodyguard Noel (Senna) to survive until dusk and claim his multi-billion dollar bounty. They are followed by Noel’s rival, Louis (Leo), who also wants to protect Katie and thus collect a handsome commission.
Shooting begins next week. “Grand Death Lotto” is in development for the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

Sina, Leo, Awkwafina and Vig: the latest films with their participation

We’ll see the price of the tenth episode of Fast and the Furious in May. Leo’s filmography concludes with the comedy “Barbie”, which will be released in cinemas next July. For the month of April “Renfeld

The last movie Feig signed on to is the fantasy show Academy of Good and Evil, made for Netflix. Below you can watch its trailer.

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