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On Wednesday, May 18 at 21:00 on TVP1, the film “Glass House – John Paul II’s Response to the Crisis of Sexual Abuse in the Church” directed by Polina Jozek will be held. After the film, the author of the film will lead a discussion on “The Search for Truth” with the participation of the father. Piotr Studnicki, Tomasz Terlikowski, Ewa Czaczkowska, and Marcin Przeciszewski.

Reform of criminal penalties in the Church. It concerns, inter alia, the following: crimes of sexual exploitation

Pope Francis is reforming Book VI of the Code of Canon Law on Criminal Penalties in the Church. The changes are connected, among other things, with crimes …

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The title “House of Glass” refers to the words of the saint. John Paul II said: “The church of our time must become a glass house, transparent and credible, and it is good.”

As Polina Jozek explains, the film was created out of a need to seek truth, not sensation.

Pope John Paul II was the pope whose pontificate highlighted the crisis of sexual abuse by priests, and the pope who responded to it in a real collision with an iceberg. The result was groundbreaking documents that still serve the church in its purification – according to the Catholic Information Agency.

The film features world-renowned experts on the history of John Paul II’s pontificate, but also experts dealing with the problem of sexual abuse in the church: Valentina Alazrachi, George Weigl, John Allen, and Card. George Bell Sr. Swimmer Oder. It also shows Daniel Pettitt, a person who has been sexually abused in the church. He met John Paul II several times.

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The film also features: Archbishop Charles Scicluna – longtime collaborator of Cardinal Joseph Rasinger and assistant secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Juan Ignacio Arreta, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Canonical Texts and Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, personal secretary to John Paul II.

Sexual abuse in the church. Benedict XVI apologizes “for the error”

Pope Benedict XVI has apologized for misrepresenting a position on sexual abuse in the Diocese of Munich and Freising when…

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As KAI points out, many decisions and matters that occurred during Pope John Paul II’s reign have had an impact on the church today – standards introduced by John Paul II have been reinforced with new documents by both Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Dr. Ewa Chachkovska’s post on Sunday’s show “Between Earth and Heaven” on TVP1 notes that “during the reign of Pope John Paul II, the church’s purge of criminals – priests of child sex offenders” began. – This film clearly shows that it began in the time of John Paul II – she said.

Each phenomenon must be placed in a historical context. Chachkovska noted that it is impossible to think in a non-historical way – by already adopted today’s standards and today’s solutions – our knowledge of this phenomenon today, in order to assess the times 40 years ago.

As she explained, “The first decisions are the 1983 Code of Ecclesiastical Law.” – The Pope did a great job, but this movie clearly shows and the characters also say, firstly, that the Pope was lied to, and second, that the lobby was powerful then and did not have complete knowledge of everything that was going on – she added.

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