Polsat Go started.  We can watch TV channels, programs, series and movies for free

Polsat offers viewers a new VOD platform, thanks to which interested parties can watch not only series and movies for free, but customers will also get access to TV shows. For free, we can watch Polsat, among others.

Last week, the Polsat Plus Group’s big rebranding began — the company revealed its Polsat Box, among others, and Cyfrowy Polsat will operate under that name from September 1. However, users have already gained access to Polsat Go, which provides access to software for free – Although customers watch productions with advertisements.

Polsat GO is available from today on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Huawei), Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV or via a browser. Simply go to the website and register, after which customers will have access to productions from the following categories:

  • best series,
  • Entertainment for all
  • cult comedy series,
  • real life series,
  • timeless comedy,
  • best amusement parks,
  • horrific stories
  • cinema classics
  • hot life
  • media and press,
  • sports programs,
  • cooking on screen,
  • reconstructed classic,
  • Music,

Interestingly, the company not only uploads Polsat GO episodes of such products as “The World According to the Kipschitch”, “Your Face Looks Familiar”, “Honey Years”, “Betrayal” and “State in the Country”, but It also provides access to two TV channels: Polsat and TV4.

You only need to register on the website or in the app to be able to watch live programs for free.

Source: https://www.msn.com/pl-pl/wiadomosci/opinie/cyotyk-polsat-zmieni%C5%82-si%C4%99-w-polsat-box-nied%C5%82ugo-ruszaj% C4% 85th% C5% BC-new-platform-polsate-and-polsat-box-what-b% C4% 99d% C4% 85th% C4% 99-guild% C4% 87 / en-AANjje9? li = BBr5CAr

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