The minimum wage will change twice.  This is what your employer has to pay you now - accounts [16.05.2022]

Total 3010 PLN is currently the minimum wage in Poland. Due to very high inflation, the real value of our payments is decreasing – and the least income feels the most. According to the announcement, the minimum wage will be raised twice next year. Information about the applicable minimum wage can be found in the article. On the other hand, at the fair we provide calculations of minimum wages and higher wages – check the amount of net profit from tax changes.

The minimum wage has increased by PLN 210 since January 2022. Currently, the minimum wage for working in Poland is Total 3010 PLNminimum hourly wage – 19.70 PLN total. However, people who receive the minimum wage receive more “at hand” thanks to the tax changes introduced at the beginning of the year (the tax-exempt amount was increased to PLN 30,000). How did that affect our salaries?

How much will you earn each year? Here’s how the net salaries of Poles are affected by the tax changes.

The calculations we present at the fair were made on the basis of the updated official salary calculator, It is available on government websites. It takes into account tax changes as part of the “Polish system” and allows you to check the difference in net salary in 2022 compared to the salary before the tax change.

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