Pope: Let us not forget the suffering Ukraine

– Let us not forget the tormented Ukraine, which suffers greatly because of the war – Pope Francis said after reciting Sunday prayers with those gathered in St. Peter's Square. Peter in the Vatican with the believers. The Holy Father also referred to the war in the Gaza Strip, expressing his hope that the suffering between the two countries – Israeli and Palestinian – would soon stop.

On Sunday, the twelfth of this month, Pope Francis prayed in the Vatican Queen Kweli (Queen of Heaven) which replaces the Angelus on Easter. The Holy Father then asked the faithful to pray for an end to the current wars Gaza Strip and Ukraine.

– Let's pray for the roads Dialogue, diplomacyIt can do a lot – Pope Francis told the people gathered in St. Petersburg. run out.

He also indicated that he prays every day for peace in Palestine and Israel. He added – I hope that the suffering in these two countries will stop soon.

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Pope Francis: Let us not forget the suffering Ukraine

The Holy Father also referred to the ongoing Russian aggression across Poland's eastern border for more than two years. – Let us not forget the tormented Ukraine, which suffers greatly because of the war – he appealed.

In the past, Pope Francis' words regarding the conflict between Moscow and Kiev have repeatedly sparked controversy. This was the case, among other things, in early March, when His Holiness the Pope, in an interview with Swiss Television Radio, called on the Ukrainian government to “He had the courage to raise the white flag and negotiate“With Russia.

The Vatican's Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, then elaborated on the controversial statement. He explained in the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” that “for the Pope, negotiations are not a surrender, but a condition.” Just and lasting peaceThen he added that the head of the church calls for “creating conditions for a diplomatic solution.”

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