February 3, 2023


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Joe Biden zasiada w Białym Domu od blisko 10 miesięcy (fot. Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

Joe Biden is in trouble. Recent opinion polls leave no room for doubt. Republicans in Congress with Biggest Lead Over Democrats in 40 Years

A recent opinion poll showed that Republicans who intend to run in the US congressional elections next year are now leading by the largest percentage in opinion polls in 40 years. The US media also points to the significantly lower ratings of President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party.

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“If elections were held today, 51 percent. Of registered voters declaring support for the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41 percent. The Democratic candidate. This is the Republican Party’s biggest advantage in the 110 ABC/WP polls that have asked the question since November 1981. This It’s only the second time the Republican Party It has an important statistical advantage and for the ninth time it has a numerical advantage ever, recalls ABC News, which commissioned the Washington Post to conduct a survey.

The US president is falling again in the polls

The economy is one of the main factors that make up the ABC picture. With inflation rising sharply, 70 percent. Of the respondents said that the economy is in poor conditioncompared to 58 percent. Saying that in the spring of last year. while only Half of respondents blame Biden for this – Worst inflation in 31 years – Approval of his economic governance has fallen to 39%, down 6 percentage points since the start of September and down 13 percentage points since last spring.

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Although a year is a lifetime in politics, the difficulties for the Democratic Party run deep. They include growing dissatisfaction with the economy, Support for the president’s activities has fallen by 12 percentage points and a general feeling that the party is not paying attention to the problems of most Americans, according to 62%. Threads— ABC News reported, adding that 58 percent of Republicans held the same view. responders.

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At the same time, ABC notes that political initiatives Joe Pedina They are more popular than the same.

Biden pulls out the Democrats?

63 percent of respondents support the infrastructure bill passed by Congress, worth $1 trillion, and 58 percent. He supports a nearly $2 trillion social spending bill, which is still under discussion.

According to ABC, Democrats cannot sell their show to Americans. A survey conducted by Langer Research Associates on behalf of ABC News indicates this Only in the opinion of 31 percent. Biden respondents are keeping most of their campaign promisesand 35 percent. He thinks he has achieved a lot.

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