“Pooh: Blood and Honey”: The teacher showed a bloody horror film to the fourth graders

To watch a movie “Buh: Blood and Honey” It was held at the Academy of Innovative Education in Miami. The production, directed by Rhys Frick Waterfield, about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, who start killing after being abandoned by Christopher, turned out to be too extreme for the school’s fourth-graders. As the mother of one of the boys who attended the screening told reporters, the film was stopped after only thirty minutes.

According to another mother, the students could choose which movie they wanted to watch. According to the woman, such choices should not depend on the children, and the teacher should have the final say. “He didn’t stop the movie even when the kids started saying they didn’t want to watch it anymore,” the woman said.

In response to these allegations, the facility’s manager commented on the whole matter in a statement sent to the CBS editorial office: Vera Hirsch.

“Innovative Learning Academy recognizes that our fourth grade students watched a portion of a horror movie that is inappropriate for children of this age, and our administration immediately discussed this issue with the teacher and made appropriate decisions for the safety and well-being of the child,” she said.

She added that the students who attended the show were taken care of. “The school psychologist and I met with those children who expressed any concerns about the film,” Hirsch said.


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