This is the new James Bond.  “The official offer is on the table.”

Bonds are a function of AaronIf he wants to accept it. There is a formal offer on the table and they are waiting for a response” – says an unofficial source, citing “The Sun”. Eon Productions, the production company responsible for the James Bond film series, intends to start filming this year. Work on the project has been delayed due to the strikes that have paralyzed Hollywood.

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In addition to Taylor-Johnson, others considered Daniel Craig's successors include: this year's Oscar winner Cillian Murphy, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is supposed to be the new James Bond. Who is this?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson gained popularity thanks to his role in the film “kick ass“From 2010. Recently, viewers were able to watch him alongside Brad Pitt in an action movie.”Express train“In addition to comedies and action films, he has also played dramatic roles – including in a dark thriller.”Night animalsSources reported by The Sun claim that his appearance in this film is what opened the door to the role of James Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is secretly married to a director who is 24 years older than her Sam Taylor WoodShe is raising four daughters with her, including two from her previous marriage. The couple met on the set of the film.”The boy from nowhere“Taylor Johnson, then 19, played the lead role, and his wife is now directing. Due to their age difference, their romance quickly made headlines.

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