An embarrassing photo after the Champions League final.  Humiliation of Marko Podraskanen

Marko Podraskanen He was one of the heroes of Itaso Trentino’s brilliant performance in the Champions League final. The team that had been disappointing in Serie A at the end of the season, finishing only fourth, produced an impressive performance in the most important club cup match in Europe. The Italians defeated Jastrzębski Węgiel in three setsPodraskanen scored eight points. The experienced Serb scored as many as five points.

Thanks to this, captain Itaso Trentino, after years of effort, finally achieved success on European pitches. He has so far won two bronze medals in the Champions League and lost three times in the final of the competition – Including twice with Grupa Azoty ZAKS Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Podraskanen achieved his goal at the age of under 37 years.

Although the CEV, the European Volleyball Confederation, intended the UEFA Champions League and Champions League Grand Final to be a major celebration of European volleyball, Podraskanina’s celebration was spoiled. During the tribute, Captain Trentino stood at the end of the podium for the Champions League winners. CEV activists distributed medals to the team players one by one, until it became clear that… there was no more medal for Podraskanen.

The Serbian volleyball player looked around helplessly, and the officials waved their hands towards the staff. In this embarrassing situation, Gabriel Lorenzano, who was standing next to him, wanted to give his medal to Podraskanen.. However, the Serbian thanked the free agent and did not want to accept the puck.

Marko Podraskanen on the podium without a medal. Shame on the activists

Most likely the medal was missing because officials did not take into account that 15, not 14, of Trentino’s volleyball players stood on the podium. Podrascanin received the puck just when he was about to collect the Champions League winning trophy. The award was presented by the President of CEV, Aleksandar Buric, a native of central Trentino. The Serbian activist has been posing for photos with Podraskanin for a long time Joanna and LooszFrom which he also received a trophy for the Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano Champions League winning team.

Despite the organizational failure, Podraskanen did not hide his joy after the victory. By the way He confirmed that he would leave the club after the season.

“I feel very happy. We deserved it after fighting great all season and losing in the Italian championship, where we stopped in the semi-finals. It was my last match in Trentino. I spent four years at this club, and this adventure could not have ended better” – said the volleyball player after the match, quoted by the Serbian portal Sportklub.

Valsa Group Modena will become the new Podrascanina club. The midfielder has been playing in the Italian League since 2007. As of 2022 he also holds Italian citizenship. He won the Italian Championship four times and also won three national cups. He is also a legend of the Serbian national team, with whom he won the European Championship twice, won gold in the World League and bronze in the World Championship.

Volleyball Champions League Final. Jastrzebski and Gil-Itas Trentino. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Marko Podraskanin/ matter

Marko Podraskanen celebrates his Champions League win/ matter

Marko Podraskanen (No. 18) prepares to attack/ matter

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