They don’t pay taxes because they don’t know they have to.  Until inspection

Hundreds of entities must pay the tax, but most do not realize they have this obligation. In a few years, when the tax authorities conduct audits, companies will have to pay hundreds of millions of zlotys – experts warn.

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It’s about 19 percent. Tax introduced by the Polish regime. It had to be settled for the first time in 2022. However, the tax rules are not simple, and according to experts, this may be one of the reasons why so few entities pay them. – Informs “DGP”.

– The surprisingly low number of entities that have so far settled the tax on remitted income may be a result of the complex structure of the tax combined with unclear conditions for the occurrence of the liability, which can be interpreted in different ways. Even taxpayers who are aware of the new tax may interpret individual circumstances unjustifiably. – explains Bartosz Doroszczuk, tax consultant and partner in the transaction advisory team at MDDP, in an interview with the daily newspaper.

The expert adds that the long wait to obtain tax clarifications further complicates the situation. As we read in the DGP, tax is paid on “remitted income”. These are “negative” costs incurred on behalf of a related foreign entitythat is, among others the costs of intangible services (such as consulting services, market research, advertising, management and control, data processing, insurance, guarantees and guarantees), license fees and debt financing.

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