Disney Plus avatar removed prior to rerun
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August 24, 2022, 10:49 am

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

Subscribers of the Disney + platform, who planned to watch the first part of the mass-produced avatar in Hollywood at home, should do well. At least for now.

Photo: Avatar, James Cameron, 20th Century Fox, 2009.

As most of you probably know, after 13 years, James Cameron is back with Part Two symbol pictureWhich is the subtitle water essence. The premiere of one of the most anticipated shows is set to take place in December of this year, so fans of the series have a few more months to remember the original. To date, subscribers to the Disney+ website, whose rich library houses, among others, the aforementioned production from 2009. Why am I writing in the past tense? Well, the movie was “silently” removed from there.

However, it was not for nothing. One of the most profitable productions in history will be digitally enhanced and will appear again on September 23, 2022, this time on the big screens.. Of course, this is part of a large-scale strategy to create the right hype before launch water creatures…and most likely the desire to squeeze a few million more into movie shows.

Sure, such actions on the part of Disney will not gain additional customers for the company, but fortunately (as shown in Report diverse) Production will return to the website in a new version. When will that happen? We don’t know yet, but it will likely be before the premiere Avatar: Essence of Water scheduled for December 16.

To improve this time around, we’re sharing a trailer for the remastered version of the original symbol pictureWhich will soon be shown on the big screens again.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to go to the cinema for an updated version of the legendary James Cameron show.

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