Influencers and their anuses

I howled with laughter watching the first two episodes Glory and influence, a new comedy series from the mind of Mark Brunet. The boy who gave it to us Bobos, like me! And The heart has its causes Gives us a hilarious parody of the world of influencers.

But the funny thing is, the reality of “influencers” goes beyond Radio-Canada’s fiction. Yes, yes, in real life, there are influencers who have bleached anus. This is not a joke.

Hashtag hahaha

I slapped my thighs as I watched Anne Dorval and Philippe-Audrey Laroux Saint-Jacques play the two hosts of a stupid reality show.

I burst out laughing at the awkward void of influencers brilliantly played by Matthieu Dufour, Yannick de Martino, Pascale De Blois and Naïla Louidort.

I loved watching them “practice the famed craft”. I laughed so hard when one of the characters talked about getting his anus bleached. Because that’s what Helen Boudreau, “Daughter of UQAM” did in “real life”.

What’s more, he documented it in photos on his only fan account. Even Mark Brunet couldn’t have figured it out!

Not very special

I loved everything Glory and influence. Almost all.

You must be subscribed to EXTRA to watch the series

I will never accept this double billing of our public broadcaster. As a taxpayer, you pay once with your taxes for the production of the series… and are asked to pay a second time to watch it.

Recently, I contacted Radio-Canada to confirm the cost increase.

“From February 22, I.C.I TOU.TV Extra went from $6.99 to $7.99/month (plus applicable taxes). Existing subscribers have been notified of the price change. Even with this price change, here TOU.TV One of the cheapest online video platforms on the market,” former communications manager Marc Pichette told me.

On the Radio-Canada website, we also find this explanation: “Why is the price of the ICI TOU.TV Extra package increasing?

This is the first rate increase in ten years since Radio-Canada launched ICI TOU.TV EXTRA in 2014. Over the years, we have committed to providing you with the best experience by bringing you over 11,000 hours of programming, original content. Resonates with you, ad-free, and matches you on a wide selection of connected TVs and apps, including Roku, Samsung and LG.”

In short, it doesn’t explain “why” we’re increasing prices at the same time as Radio-Canada benefits from increased funding from Ottawa!

I’m going to say it again: a government agency should not be supporting a private company or another company that does Radio-Canada by giving extra freebies to Telus and Kudo subscribers.

Canada does not have two classes of citizens. All should be treated fairly by the national broadcaster.

There is no valid reason for some taxpayers to laugh with Anne Dorval while others laugh for free at anal jokes.

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