Tax exemption for the elderly.  How much can you earn with PIT-0?

The exemption introduced by the Polish regime in 2022 guarantees the elderly not only a higher salary. Learn about all the benefits that may come with working after you reach retirement age.

They exist Three main conditions ensure that seniors benefit from relief. that it:

  • reaching retirement age,
  • remaining working,
  • There is no fixed right to retirement or survivor’s pension.

Relief can be used in two ways. Seniors can count on a higher salary throughout the year or a tax refund after the end of the tax year – The exemption may be included in the tax return.

However, there are some limitations you should remember. PIT-0 does not include income exceeding PLN 85,528.

g Tax exemption Seniors whose source of income is:

  • full time job,
  • Business Management,
  • authorization contract,
  • Maternity entitlement.

If a senior wants to take advantage of the tax break, they should Submit the appropriate application to your employer. This is important for people who want to receive a higher salary during the year.

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