Politico: France files a lawsuit against the European Commission

France has sued the European Commission at the EU Court of Justice for preferring English when hiring new EU employees, Politico wrote on Monday. According to Paris, this constitutes discrimination against non-English speaking candidates and violates EU treaties.

“Brussels is currently appointing new officials in areas such as space, defense and economics, using a selection process that includes tests taken only in English,” Politico wrote. According to Paris, this constitutes discrimination against non-English speaking candidates.

Paris exerted pressure

These views should be expressed not only by the French, but also by, among others, Italians who claim that “this is not a position against a particular language, but in favor of multilingualism.”

EU rules stipulate that all EU citizens must be treated equally, regardless of nationality – states the portal, adding that French President Emmanuel Macron is striving to increase the use of the French language; The issue “resonates in the national debate about France’s loss of global influence.”

“Paris has pushed hard to maintain French as a lingua franca (the language used between different linguistic groups of people – PAP) in the European Union. Politico recalls that when France took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2022, it was decided that all preparatory meetings and memorandums would be conducted in French.” .

French language in the European Union. Context

French is one of the 24 official languages ​​of the European Union; Unofficially, it is also one of the three working languages ​​(along with English and German) of the European Commission.

According to the website, the European Union Court of Justice is expected to issue a ruling on this matter within a year. It has previously overturned European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) contests over language choice restrictions, and has ruled in favor of Italy and Spain in similar cases. (door)

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